Batch 2 Auctions of Phase 3 Announced

The Notice Inviting Applications for Batch 2 of Phase 3 Auctions have been announced. 266 frequencies in 92 cities have been put up for auctions. The NIA document is available at

Journey of AROI-UNICEF Partnership for Routine Immunisation

2017 Radio4Child Awards planned in September, 2017 in its preparatory phase. 2016 • Second Radio4Child Awards planned in September, 2016 in its preparatory phase. Planning and preparations for training and brainstorming session in Mumbai and Assam with RJs from across the country are ongoing. AROI-UNICEF plan to engage first Radio4Child Award winners as mentors for new RJs. • AROI-UNICEF Radio4Child Awards 2015 winners, visit the island nation of Sri Lanka from April 12-15, 2016. They exchange notes with Sri Lankan radio counter parts on innovations and challenges in radio programming around social issues. RJs create radio products and commit to support Routine Immunisation, Team Swachh and Child Rights through social media platform, radio links, radio talk shows and campaigns. 2015 • Radio partnership strengthened by linking Team Swachh sanitation campaign and engagement with Radio Mirchi, Radio Mantra, Fever FM, Red FM, My FM and All India Radio. Radio partners participate in the campaign, create radio links and air interviews with children and senior UNICEF spokesperson. • First Radio4Child Awards, 2015 takes place on September 7, 2015 in Mumbai. Winners felicitated in an award ceremony graced by UNICEF Celebrity Ambassador, Madhuri Dixit, Rajeev Kumar Shukla, Deputy Director General, All India Radio, Anuradha Prasad, President AROI and Harish Bhimani, renowned voice-over artist. • Jury consultation with representatives from UNICEF, AROI and other partners organised in April, 2015. Members select winners in five pre-decided categories - (1) Best PSA (2) Best Jingle (3) Best RJ Link (4) Best Creative Campaign and (5) Mission Indradhanush Best Radio Spot and Message clarity. • Bihar RJs create ‘Teeku’ (short of Teekakaran), a fictional super-hero, to create awareness on immunisation for saving children from life-threatening diseases. Radio plays and jingles in popular Bollywood voices and engagement with audiences used to spread key Routine Immunisation messages. • All India Radio district journalists, Radio Heads and TV journalists roped in for immunisation workshops. 2014 • Hon’ble Prime Minister of India adopts radio for broadcasting ‘Mann Ki Baat’ to connect with the masses. The move reaffirms AROI-UNICEF partnership for using radio as medium for wider social messaging. • Following enthusiastic response from training, UNICEF creates social media platform to bring RJs together. • Training workshop on Routine Immunisation for Radio Professionals organised by AROI, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and UNICEF from June 6 to 7, 2014. RJs learn to create meaningful, appealing radio jingles/ talk shows with messages on child health and Routine Immunisation, and ending violence and social inequities. Anuradha Prasad, President AROI kick-starts the training programs. ITSU and UNICEF share insights on radio plans for joint training for RJs. RJs take ‘Pledge of Life’ and promise to use airwaves to get every child fully immunised. RJs involvement recognised at the end of workshop. • Partnership is strengthened as more radio partners join 'VAADA ZINDAGI KA’. • UNICEF, AROI and WHO partner to train 40 RJs on Routine Immunisation in Delhi. 2013 • Active on-ground participation of senior UNICEF staff gives boost to the initiative. 2012 • UNICEF launches ‘VADA ZINDAGI KA’ initiative on Routine Immunisation in June, 2012. • Brainstorming session on Child Rights and Child Protection with radio team organised in Chennai. RJs take on role of change agents and use airwaves as medium for change by creating Routine Immunisation jingles. 2011 • Radio achievements celebrated in Delhi. Legendary music director M Z Khayyam honoured. 2010 • CEO panel discussion with filmmaker Shyam Benegal, one among the multiple sessions held to engage Radio CEOs to leverage radio platforms for voicing children’s expressions. • UNICEF and AROI convene over 300 radio professionals in Delhi combining business and radio celebrations for integrating child rights in their regular programming. • UNICEF-AROI partnership born, inspired by Father of the Nation, one of the strongest advocate of radio and its miraculous power.

Unicef and the FM radio Industry of India ( AROI) today launched the first initiative to work towards 100 percent immunization of children in India.

Unicef and the FM radio Industry of India ( AROI) today launched the first initiative to work towards 100 percent immunization of children in India. Currently 4000 deaths a day occur in India that could have been avoided if the children were immunized. The launch was done through a 2 day workshop for radio journalists ( programmers and jockeys) that was attended by about 50 radio professionals from many radio stations from all over India including Big FM, Radio Mirchi, Red FM, Radio One, Radio Chokolate, Radio Mantra, AIR, FM Rainbow , Radio Misty, etc).

Unicef Chief of Communications Caroline Dan Duk, was elated at the high energy and creative levels of rthe radio professionals and hoped that the almosst all pervasive reach of radio would be used to eradicate immunizable disease, as was done for polio in India.

Speaking at the occasion, Ms Anuradha Prasad, President AROI said, “FM radio has brought in vibrancy to radio broadcasting and is extremely popular across various sections of people—students, housewives, vendors and executives. It can play a significant role in promoting important social issues while weaving them in regular programming.”

With limitation on news and current affairs likely to be removed from private radio shortly, social development training is the firt steps of metamorphisis from radio jockeys to radio journalism.
AROi and Unicef requesst all citizens in India to participate in saving 4000 child lives a day through enuring routine immunization.